Novasub Surface control unit with 1,2 & 4 channel DVR recorder.

The Surface Control Unit (SCU) is the NSDVR2 hard disk recorder built in a 19 inch rack. The system can record and control up to 4 channels with cameras & lights. The monitor connection is HDMI, VGA and composite video. The cameras are recorded on a hard disk at standard D1 720×576 or 960H / WD1 944×576. Each channel has an independent audio input for recording audio along with the video file.

Standard the SCU is fitted with a text video overlay per channel. The system is 100-240 Vac powered and has a built in UPS function with batteries and battery charger.

The DVR2 is controlled with the membrane keypad and keyboard. The DVR2 is also fitted with a snapshot function which makes is possible to take pictures of the video stream. The video files can be copied from the internal SSD hard disk and external USB storage device. With a LAN connections you have the possibility to stream the video images over the network and internet.

Video format

The DVR2 can record either in the standard D1 format or the new 960H wide format. The 960H format is in PAL 960×576 pixels, compared to the D1 720×576 and increase of 35%. To really achieve the actual 960H resolution, use the latest Novasub NSBC cameras which actually have the 960×576 pixels resolution.

Text & Data overlay

The video text overlay are 4 lines of 36 characters each. One line is dedicated for use of the date/time with data. 2nd overlay is the name of the channel plus free text, and the remaining two overlay lines are free text. All overlay lines can be placed anywhere on the window. Also a snapshot  can be made and is stored as a JPG on the hard disk. Optional diver data like depth and dive time can be added to the overlay. (see Novasub DDG Digital Diver Gauge and UDS-3 depth sensor)

The SCU-DVR2 can record all channels at the same time, each to an independent file. The monitor view is selectable between, 1 channel, 2 channels PAP (Picture &Picture) or 2 channels PIP (Picture in Picture) and Quad, 4 channels. The smaller PIP window can be placed anywhere over the main window. Also the PIP size is selectable between ¼ or 1/9 size of the monitor.

  • 19” inch rack
  • Text & Data overlay
  • Snapshot button
  • Network connection
  • 1,2 or 4 channels
  • SCU-MON1
  • SCU-(DR)VL
Ext. Power supply
100-260 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Battery life
0.5 hours ->  DVR recording
Recording time
50 hrs@ 960H best per channel 1,2 Gb / hr. (250 Gb SSD-HD)
Int. Power supply
12 vdc rechargeable battery with battery status indication, UPS function
Video out
4x 1Vpp/75 Ohm, 1x HDMI, 1x 1Vpp/75 Ohm Spot
Connection to network, DVR accessible via Browser
Solid State HDD recording, H264,avi 720×576 pixels@25 fps & 944×576 pixels@ 20 fps per channel
Video file
H264 Retrievable with USB memory stick (*.avi) or connection to PC via LAN
Camera control
On/Off (only with Novasub SCC/SCU-(DR)VL systems)
DVR control
Panel keypad control, Mouse control
Lights control
ON/OFF & Dimming 0-100% (only with Novasub SCC/SCU-(DR)VL systems)
Audio In/Out
signal of 1Vpp

Novasub backup software for SCx-x-DVR2-x video recording systems. You need a Windows PC and a network (LAN) connection between the PC and SCx unit. Or a PC connected to the same network as the SCx is connected. Download the below setup software and install the Novasub-DVR-Backup.

Novasub – Manual DVR2 recorder file backup software – v1.41.pdf

Novasub – DVR Backup Setup – 1.0.0b6.exe