Hydrostatic pressure testing

Hydrostatic pressure tanksSeascape has recently a new (high) pressure testing service for rent. We have developed a large tank (max. 32 bar) and a small tank (max. 400 bar). Objects/devices and cables can be tested in these tanks.

Both pressure tanks have electrical connections that can be used for monitoring or controlling the equipment during pressurization. A standard test procedure takes 2 hours. We have different price setup for extended pressure test time.

  • Data and electrical connections;
  • Live (video) monitoring and controlling;
  • Logging of temperature, time and pressure;
  • Top loading of objects with forklift.

Small pressure tank 400 BAR

  • Ø 325 mm ID x 610 mm effective working height or ø 145 mm ID x 710 mm.
  • 400 bar nominal, 600 bar maximum;
  • 3 electrical connections.(4 pin, 6 pin, 12 pin).

Large pressure tank 32 BAR

  • Ø 750 mm ID x 1900 mm effective working height;
  • 32 bar nominal, 40 bar maximum;
  • 6 electrical connections.(4 pin, 6 pin, 12 pin)
  • Testing of large objects (32 bar) or small objects (400 bar);
  • Live monitoring and control of objects during pressure test; object electrical / data connected to outside tank monitoring.
  • Live camera view of object under pressure.
  • Tanks are designed so that the loading of the objects is possible with a fork-lift truck;
  • Calibration of pressure sensors to standard 20 bar (0.05% FS). Optional higher pressures.

Seascape – Hydrostatic pressure test – R1.2.pdf